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Sunday November 16, 2014
Padmashri S.M. Annasaheb Behre Advanced Wound Care Clinic
On 16th November 2014, ’Padmashri S.M. Annasaheb Behre Advanced Wound Care Clinic’ was inaugurated at the hands of reputed surgeon Dr. Vinayak Shrikhande and Mr. Ashok Behre in the presence of Mrs. Shrikhande , Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar and Behre family. On this occasion, Dr. Gauri Oka gave presentation on HBOT (HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy) and also about Wound Care Clinic by Dr. Manisha Deshmukh. Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar welcomed the honourable guests. Dr. Vinayak Shrikhande expressed their thoughts.