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Friday February 26, 2016
Symposium on Hormonal Disorders in Females
Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh(Endocrinologists) organised a conference On 8th March 2015 related to ’Symposium on Hormonal Disorders in Females’ on occasion of World Women’s Day . Honourable Guest Dr. Prema Vartkavi (Mumbai), Dr. Rama Vaidya (Mumbai), IMA Dr. Arun Halabe (Pune) were also present. The Honourable Guests and Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar inaugurated the event by lightning a lamp. It was a blessful for the doctors to hear Hon. Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. In this conference topics related ’Is my daughter growing normally, Hormonal & metabolic changes after menopause, is diabetes different in women ?, Thyroid disorders in different ages in women, Endocrine management of osteoporosis in women, Medical Management of obesity in women, nutrition and exercise, hormones and aging : tips for skin and hair in women, neuropsychiatryc manifestations of hormonal disorders in women’ were discussed through presentation. Total 261 Doctors were benefited by the event.