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Friday April 08, 2016
The Bajaj Allianz Center for Comprehensive Epilepsy Care - the first center of its kind in Maharashtra was inaugurated on the 8th of April 2016, at the hands of Shri. Rahul Bajaj and Shri. Sanjiv Bajaj.

The Bajaj Allianz Center for Comprehensive Epilepsy Care is a unique center which creates end-to-end services for diagnosis and treatment of Epilepsy. Advanced imaging facilities including PET scan, MRI & CT are used with continuous Video EEG monitoring for the identifying the cause of Epilepsy. In patients where a focus can be identified in the brain, neurosurgery using state-of-the-art operating microscopes can be done which can offer cure to the patient. The cost of setting up such an infrastructure and trained professionals in this field can be prohibitive for most hospitals which is one of the major reasons why there are only six centers in the country offering a program of this order. It has been made possible at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital thanks to the generous donation pledged by the Bajaj family to this cause. The hospital will ensure that the services can be offered at affordable rates to patients across all socio-economic strata.

Neuro-navigation Video-EEG monitoring Surgical Microscope

The unit is setup on the 7th floor in the main building with 4 rooms dedicated to continuous Video-EEG monitoring to aid in the diagnosis of type of epilepsy and identifying a possible epileptic focus. For those patients who can be operated for the same, neurosurgeries are performed in the OT using these specialized microscopes and navigation units and the patient is observed in the epilepsy unit post-operatively. The patient then undergoes comprehensive rehabilitation and counselling, including support group activities conducted in the neurology department.

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