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To provide efficient, state of the art and multispeciality oral healthcare in patient friendly atmosphere with predictable treatment result

The Department of Dentistry is a centre for dental care that is committed to quality and excellent patient service. Centre having highly experienced dental surgeons to improve your dental health by providing a full range of dental services.

The department functions for 12 Hours a day from 9 AM to 9 PM (Except on Sundays)

Super Specialities

Endodontist –
  • Treatment Carried out in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Composite fillings
  • Cosmetic treatment for discoloured and fractured teeth
  • Treatment of broken teeth
  • Silver fillings in Carious teeth

Orthodontist – The Speciality which monitors the development of the Jaws and eruption of the teeth. It deals with the correction of crooked dentition, Straightening of irregular , crowded or improperly placed teeth.This includes correction of the relationship of the teeth and jaws by the use of orthodontic appliances commonly known as "Braces".

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon – The speciality which carries out surgical extraction of impacted teeth and minor oral surgery, along with the procedures such as management of fractures of the facial skeleton , orthognathic surgeries , Implantology and many other surgeries of Head , Neck and Face. It includes surgeries of cyst & tumours of the jaws and salivary glands. It also deals with the problems in the joints of the jaws.

Pedodontist – Various Preventive , Interceptive and corrective services with the essence of child psychology and behaviour management techniques are rendered under this speciality. Diet counselling and pre natal counselling for the would be mohers is also the part of this speciality. Paediatric oral cavity can predict as well dictate various future problems. A stitch in time saves nine.....one of the challenging branch in the dental faculty.

Periodontist – The speciality in which problems regarding tooth supporting structure(Gums & Surrounding bones) are taken care off, such as bleeding and swollen gums , bad breath & hypersensitivity. This includes procedures such as flap procedures , gingivectomy etc.

Prosthodontist – The aim of this speciality is Dental & Facial rehabilitation. It Includes

  • Complete and partial denture (Removable type of artificial teeth)
  • Fixed partial denture(Crown & Bridge)
  • Dental implants (Best alternative to Natural teeth)
  • Artificial replacement of Maxillo Facial structures


State-of-the-art equipments, dental laboratory, and high quality dental materials to carry out various surgical and restorative techniques


  • Rotary Endodontics conducted by Dr. Ashish Naware attended by 150 Dentists.
  • Basic Life Support conducted by EMS (DMH) Team attended by 150 Dentists.
  • Single Implant Rest. In esthetic zone, facts, realities and success conducted by Dr. Chanda Kale attended by 140 Dentists.
  • From May 2005 are arranging Free Dental Camps for check up on 1st Sunday of every month, followed by 10% concession on Dental treatment for 1 year.


  • Free dental check up on every 1st Sunday of the month.
  • Registered patients for the camp get 10% discount on dental services availed for the entire year.