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Activities undertaken by the Memory Clinic

The neurology department introduced the Memory Clinic in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in 2010. The Clinic provides various services which are supportive to the medical profession.

  • The clinic welcomes patients to discuss their concerns. The concerns are not always serious but when they are, They can discuss their problems at length and get important and practical information about Dementia. An information booklet (in marathi) introducing Dementia and its implications was recently prepared by the Clinic.
  • Family members of the Dementia patients undergo substantial psychological, physical and economic stress. They need support in the form of counselling which is available at the clinic.
  • Another innovative program run by the clinic is a Memory Lab for the Dementia patients. Various simple, enjoyable and novel activities are undertaken here to provide stimulating atmosphere for the brain. These activities keep the patients busy, provide them the opportunity to socialize with others and also provide some relief to the caregivers. These activities help delay cognitive decline and help raise their confidence level. The lab is conducted at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital twice a month on alternative Thursdays.
  • The Clinic recently completed case studies of the patients and has come out with a report which is available for reference.
  • The Clinic undertakes Memory Improvement Programs for persons over 40. The program deals mostly with lifestyle changes that can impact both memory and overall health while bringing out the role played by the brain. The program also teaches simple yet powerful memory techniques. The program aims to make the participants aware about how to retain brain’s health.

The Clinic has put in place the necessary services which will be useful to the Dementia patients and their family members but it needs your support to raise the awareness level about the disease as well as the Clinic’s services in view of the expected surge of Dementia cases in the future.