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Dept. Of Shoulder & Sports Injuries

Welcome to the “Department of Shoulder & Sports Injuries”. The Shoulder unit was formed as an independent unit from the Orthopaedic department in August 2009. The increased workload & necessity to integrate allied services compelled us to create this Department. The OPD & department are situated on the 6th floor “D” wing of the main hospital building. Now the Shoulder physiotherapy PSRP programme is conducted next to the department OPD all day long. Our Shoulder physiotherapist is available to give a one to one session to our paZents from 8.30-­‐5pm. Shoulder USG is performed within the department on 6th Floor by our Musculo-­‐Skeletal USG specialist in no Zme with the report handed over instantly. In short, this is an all integrated department which provides a one stop soluZon.


Shoulder is a complex joint o`en defying medical treatment. Arguably we are the busiest department in the country performing the highest number of shoulder surgeries. We pride ourselves on a highly successful rehab programme which we have designed called PSRP -­‐ Pune Shoulder Rehab Programme. This is a special rehab programme with the use of an exercise band. We do not believe in Gadgets or modaliZes like SWD or IFT. Even painkillers are not prescribed as we believe in remibng pain with the help of a scienZfically designed exercise programme.

We bring you a host of brochures describing the various condiZons affecZng the shoulder. You may look up your condiZon right from Shoulder dislocaZon to rotator cuff tear to so called “Frozen Shoulder”. There is also a page on FAQs to answer typically quesZons that may intrigue you before or a`er Shoulder arthroscopy. There is also an exhausZve page on shoulder replacement. Happy browsing.