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Q1. What would be the duration of stay?

The duration of stay depends on the procedure to be performed. If it is a major procedure then the stay is around 5-8 days. If the procedure is minor then the duration is 3-5 days and if the procedure is under day care then the stay is just 1 day with admission in the morning and discharge at evening(e.g Root block, facetal block, epidural)

Q2. How many times dressing is required post surgery?

The dressing is usually done every 3rd day in a clean wound, suture removal which is done around 10-12 days

Q3. What would be the type of anaesthesia given for my procedure?

Depending upon the type of procedure performed, the anaesthesia is general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. Major procedure requires general anaesthesia whereas day care procedure requires only local anaesthesia.

Q4. What would be the type of surgery I would require?

As advised by your surgeon the type of procedure required could be open /endoscopic or decompression alone or with instrumentation.

Q5. What are the precautions I should undertake after the surgery?

After the surgery the precautions to be taken are as advised by your surgeon along with preventing forward bending and twisting movement, avoid weight lifting till your doctor advises. Precautions can vary from patient to patient.Avoid using low soffas. Avoid Indian toilets and use commode toilet.

Q6. When should I have my next follow up?

Usually regular follow up even after you are improved is better as to see the progress of your ailment and to have close look up of what you are suffering from. This is usually around 10-14 days.

Q7. How long do I wait to have a bath after my surgery?

Usualy after the sutures are removed you can have a bath when the suture removal progresse uneventfully.

Q8. What should I do if cant bathe till so many days?

The patient can have body cleansed with sponges. Sponging can help you keep hygiene. Sponging is also necessary as hygiene during these days is more important than any other routine days.

Q9. How long should I keep the BRACE?

The BRACE can be kept according to the procedure performed. Usually it is kept for 6 weeks. For further continuation consult your surgeon.

Q10. What can I eat after the surgery?

No special diet is required post surgery. However the patient needs to continue with the previous diet pertaining to illnesses like asthma/hypertension/diabetes. Usually proteinaceous diet is prefered post surgery. Any nutritious diet is good post surgery.

Q11.When can I go back to work after back surgery?

The decision to return to work should be individualized to the patient, as well as the patient’s occupation. For patients with sedentary jobs, such as office work, a minimally invasive discectomy would allow that patient to begin part-time work within 1-2 weeks. For a larger surgery such as a fusion, this may take 4-6 weeks. Again, return to work is much faster using minimally invasive surgery vs. standard open surgery but this decision is individualized to special needs of each patient.

Q12. How long is the recovery?

Recovery from each surgery is different. Some patients return to full activity in 6 weeks while other patients require more time. We encourage all patients to participate in a physical therapy program to safely begin the process of returning to all normal activities.

Q13. What if I have any problem after I am discharged?

For any problem postoperatively you can call on 020-40151061/54

Q14. What all medications to be taken post surgery?

Continue medications given as per your discharge summary from spine. Any medication prior to surgery to be continued in consultaion with the physician.