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VBS Mani Hypoxic Training Center

VBS Mani High Altitude Hypoxic Training Center

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital has established highly sophisticated hypoxic (low-oxygen) training center mainly useful for acclimatization before high-altitude (Himalayan) trek and to enhance endurance capacity for endurance games such as marathon, cycling, triathlon, ironman etc.

A hypoxic chamber is a specialized enclosure that recreates high-altitude conditions by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the air. This controlled environment allows athletes, mountaineers, and researchers to experience and adapt to the challenges of high-altitude environments without the need for actual ascent.

1. Acclimatize before a Himalayan (High-Altitude) Trek :

For individuals planning to ascend to high altitudes, such as mountaineers or expedition teams, acclimatization is crucial. Hypoxic chambers provide a controlled and gradual approach to acclimatization by allowing individuals to expose themselves to simulated high-altitude conditions before embarking on their journey. This process helps the body adapt to lower oxygen levels, reducing the risk of altitude-related illnesses, such as acute mountain sickness or high-altitude pulmonary edema.

2. Enhance your endurance

One of the main applications of hypoxic chambers is their ability to enhance physical performance. Exercising in a reduced oxygen environment stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells and improve oxygen-carrying capacity. This adaptation can lead to increased endurance, improved aerobic capacity, and enhanced overall performance. Athletes from various disciplines, including endurance sports, have utilized hypoxic chambers as part of their training regimens to gain a competitive edge.

VBS Mani Hypoxic Training Center :

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Dr. Pramod Patil (MBBS, MD)

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VBS Mani Hypoxic Training Center
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