Emergency Call : 020 40151540

Blood Bank

Blood Bank was inaugurated on 25th March 2002

Functions 24 hours 365 days.

Our Aim-Mission-Vision:

Aim: Always ensure safety of the donors and safety of patients.

Mission: Make available required component at the required time in required quantity.

Vision: Evolve in to a Transfusion Medicine Center through continued updating knowledge and technology.

Location: Blood Bank is located on the Ground Floor, “A” Wing of SS Building.

Contacts: (1) Serology Lab- 3081, and 3079 (2) PRO/MSW-3089.

Blood Bank Is Licensed To Prepare Following Components:

  • Whole Human Blood I.P.
  • Concentrated Human Red Blood Corpuscles I.P.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma B.P.
  • Platelet Concentrate I.P. ( Random Donor Platelet)
  • Platelet Concentrate U.S.P. (Platelet Apheresis)
  • Cryoprecipitated Antihaemophilic Factor I.P.
  • Leucopheresis U.S.P.
  • Granulocyte Apheresis U.S.P.
  • Plasmapheresis I.P.

To make available required blood at the required time and in required quantities:

  • We continually undertake awareness and education programs on the need for blood donation.
  • Hold Blood Donation Camps in offices, factories, colleges and socio voluntary organizations.
  • Maintain a large Registry of Blood Donors of all blood groups for normal Blood Donation and SDP Donation.
  • We promote Birthday Donation, as well as special cause donations.
  • PRO and MSW make phone calls to ensure availability of required blood for routine and emergency cases.

To ensure efficacy and judicious utilization of this Life Saving Tissue. Blood Bank offers Component Therapy:

Equipped with 4 Refrigerated Centrifuge Machines and TAC-II, 6 Automatic Component Separation Machines; preparation of following components in the prescribed time limit is easily achieved.

1.RBC Concentrate, (2) Plasma (FFP), (3) Random Donor Platelet (RDP) and (4) Crayoprecipitate AHF.

2. For preparing Apheresis Components and offering therapeutic support; Blood Bank has 4 Cell Separating Machines. Using these machines following Components and services are provided.

  • SDP (Single Donor Platelets)
  • PBSC ( Peripheral Blood Stem Cells)
  • Plasma Exchange

We matched the pace of increasing demand for blood (due to hospital growth) by increasing Blood Collection from Voluntary Blood Donors. This was achieved by undertaking donor education and motivation drives in the corporate world and reducing the dependence on college students for blood donations which was the main cause of shortages in summer months.

To ensure safety of Donors and Patients:

  • We provide Continued Education & Training to all the staff members. (Technicians, Nurses, MSW, PRO and BTO).
  • Incorporated Automation in all the procedures of Blood Collection, Component Separation, Infectious Disease Testing, and Grouping-X Matching).
  • Training of Nurse to ensure elimination of Transcription Errors in Transfusion.
  • Implementation of Heamovigilance steps.
  • Prevention of GVHD, (Graft v/s Host Disease) as a Safety Measure.

To protect all the immune-compromised patients, Blood Bank offers in house Irradiation facility by using the Irradiator Machine installed by BRITS Division of Atomic Energy.