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Cancer Prevention Clinic

Cancer Prevention Clinic

Cancer Prevention Clinic is conducted by Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology .

  • Major contributing factor for increasing mortality & morbidity in women is Genital Tract Cancers.

  • Commonly seen Cancers in women are Cancer Cervix, Breast Cancer, Endometrial Cancer & Ovarian Cancer.

  • Other rarely seen gynaecological malignancies are cancers of vulva, vagina, fallopian tubes.

  • In Cancer Prevention Clinic, primary prevention of Cancers is done by giving advice regarding Life style modifications including diet, exercise, safe sex & avoidance of carcinogenics like tobacco in any form.

  • Advice & administration of “HPV Vaccination” is done in adolescent girls & women upto age of 45 for primary prevention of HPV related diseses like “Genital Wards”& “Cervical Cancer”.

  • Secondary Prevention of Cancersis done by certain screening test which would detect the disease at the earliest or even in the pre-cancerous stage.

  • If treatment is given in this stage of disease frank malignancies would be prevented & women can have better quality of life.

  • Cervical Cancer is commonest cancer & commenest cause of cancer death in women in our country.

  • Different screening test for cervical cancer like Pap Smear, VIA, HPV DNA Testing are carried out.

    1. Pap Smear :- This test is recommended in all sexually active women above the age of 21 years is done every 3 years upto age of 65 years.

    2. VIA :- Application of 5% acetic acid to cervix is done to detect any abnormal areas.If they are present needs for further evaluation.

    3. HPV DNA Testing :- Cervical Cancer is caused by persistent infection of cervix with high risk HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus) infection. This test is done above the age of 30 years every 5 yearly.

  • All these tests are not painful, does not require anaesthesia & are carried out in healthy women without any complaint.

  • Females with abnormal screening test, those women with complaints of Persistent White Discharge or irregular bleeding per vaginum & those having unhealthy cervix are subjected for Colposcopyexamination.

  • By colposcopy we get magnified view of the cervix where abnormal areas with suspicion of pre-cancerous or cancerous lesion are detected & biopsy is taken.

  • Colposcopy examination helps in proper evaluation of cervix, vulva & vagina.

  • For early detection of Breast Cancer, Breast examination & Mammography is advised.

  • Techniques of self Breast examination is taught to woman attending Cancer Prevention Clinic so that they themselves can notice any lump in breast at the earliest.

  • For early detection of Uterine & Ovarian Cancers TVS (Trans Vaginal Sonography) of Pelvis is done at the age of 40 & above to see for evidence of increased endometrial thickness & presence of ovarian cyst or tumor.

  • Women with thickened endometrium & evidence of ovarian mass on sonography require further diagnostic evaluation.

  • Treatment of Precancerouslesions of cervix is done by “Cryo Therapy” & LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excisional Procedure) to hault the progression of disease so that development of Frank malignancy is prevented.

Services we offer at our Cancer Prevention Clinic -

  1. Primary Prevention:

    • HPV Vaccination

  2. Secondary Prevention:

  1. Screening Tests for Gynaecological Malignancies

    1. L.B.C.

    2. HPV- DNA Testing

    3. VIA / VILI

    4. TVS

    5. Endometrial Biopsy

    6. Mammography

    7. Mammo sonography

  2. Diagnostic Modalities:

    1. Colposcopy

  3. Treatment of Pre cancerous lesion

    1. Cryotherapy

    2. LEEP

    3. Conization