Emergency Call : 020 40151540

Garbha Swasthya


Garbha-Swasthya helpline is an unique service initiated by the Prenatal Medicine Program of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune. This helpline is created to answer queries from callers, public and professionals alike, about the well being of the fetus as well as maternal illnesses, infections during pregnancy, genetic disorders, drug exposure/teratogen exposure and other issues. The helpline is manned by trained counselor, custom-made software and supported by various consultants such as Obstetricians, Radiologists, Geneticist etc to help resolve issues that may crop up during pregnancy.

A special software has been designed and the helpline database comprises of over 450 common questions initially contributed from various experts from the hospital. This information is updated regularly where new questions and answers based on current medical evidence from peer-reviewed journals are entered.

A voice recording system is in place whereby a caller can keep a voice message and contact number so that the counselor can get back at the earliest. It is mandatory that with available back up from hospital experts all question are answered within 24 hours.

Garbha-Swasthya helpline is not a substitute for medical consultation but is only a complimentary service. Service is available in Marathi, Hindi as well as in English for client convenience. The helpline counselor does not prescribe any medications and does not recommend visiting any particular doctor. The uniqueness lies in the scientific support edge and you may give us a test call, to confirm our service. We also have facility to keep voice-messages and our counselor can reach the caller with necessary information.

Currently, Garbha-Swasthya helpline is reachable by calling  020-40151500,  between

10 Am to 4 Pm, from Monday to Saturday.