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Notice for MSK fellowship June 2019 session

Department of Radiology


Dr Ashwini Kulkarni MD
HOD, Department of Radiology


Dr Sanjay Desai MD DNB
Consultant Department of Radiology

As opposed to every term, we shall not be conducting an exam to select Fellows for Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship for June 2019.

We have received many applications from a talented pool of extremely competent candidates. 

After a going through meticulous selection criteria, which had both written interview and personal interview process, we had shortlisted 4 candidates. Owing to the Fellowship structure we could only accommodate the top 2 for the Dec 2018 session.

It would have been unfair on the other two candidates to be rejected as they were only fraction short and also had musculoskeletal radiology experience, International (Pubmed) Journal Publications to their credit.
So it has been decided by the selection committee of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital that fellowship for the term June 2019 - Dec 2020 would be offered to the remaining 2 best candidates out of the last time applicants.

The Department of Radiology however is pleased to announce that the prestigious Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Imaging is now accepting International Fellows for its new term commencing August / September 2019.
In case we are not able to find the international candidate with right credentials for the fellowship, it shall be offered to an Indian national, which will be notified after the stipulated waiting time given to the selected international candidates.
Please note the ’international’ fellowship offered to the international fellow or subsequently to an Indian national (if the need arises) will be a paid one.
All above timelines will be updated shortly on the website.
The fellowship exam / interview for Dec- 2019 session (free fellowship with stipend ) is expected to be held by mid September 2019.