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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic

Reccurent Pregnancy Loss Clinic

Though it looks rather simple and a very natural process, pregnancy is a very complex phenomenon. Human conception rate is a dismal average of 22% with the followup of a ‘not so robust’ pregnancy pyramid. Out of every 100 pregnancies, 15-20 abort by the end of 3 mnths of pregnancy and of those going ahead only about 40 reach term safely. It is thus important to help those who cannot really make it to the successful top in the pregnancy pyramid.

The dept of Obs & Gyn has set up a dedicated specialized clinic for RPL, led by none other than Dr. Girish Godbole, a veteran Gynecologist & Obstetrician in the city of Pune, who also happens to work as the chef Lead of the Dept.

All the necessary infrastructure and laboratory workup shall be easily available in this ‘One Stop’ Recurrent pregnancy loss Clinic. The team of Consultants working in this clinic have a vast experience and reasonable success in treating difficult cases of repeated pregnancy loss. Moreover the facility is backed by well and dedicated Fetal medicine specialists, clinical geneticist, cytogenetic laboratory and state of the art laboratory backup. Regular networking with world authorities in this field shall help in the treatment plan of the needy couples.