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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological condition, characterized by developmentally inappropriate levels of inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. The prevalence rate of ADHD in India is around 6 to 10%. Professional help can be sought for these issues if they are present in two or more areas of the child’s life, namely:

  • In School
  • On the Playground
  • At Home
  • In Social Settings etc.

ADHD can be treated using a combination of medical management when required, and behavioural interventions. Small Steps provides a complete management programme for your child, right from diagnosis using global standardized assessment scales, to individualized behavior modification therapies by trained professionals.

Seek help today if you find any of the following:


  • Carelessness
  • Difficulty sustaining attention for a long time
  • Not following Instructions
  • Easily Distracted
  • Forgetful in Daily activities etc.


  • Fidgeting and squirming constantly
  • Running excessively
  • Talking excessively
  • Impulsivity as seen in blurting out answers
  • Not being able to wait for their turn
  • Constant interruptions etc.