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IQ Testing can help diagnose intellectual disabilities or measure a person’s intellectual potential. IQ can also prove to be beneficial if you see early signs of giftedness in your child.

While diagnosing an intellectual disability, the IQ test is a part of the puzzle and additional tests and observations are required to reach a full diagnosis. IQ testing can be done if your child is facing any difficulties especially in academic settings. Knowing the intellectual ability of a child can help you to decide an optimal learning climate for your child. It can also aid in formulation of Individualised Education Plans, or Remedial Teaching if required.

Specific Learning Disabilities are a group of developmental disorders, characterized by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of reading, writng or mathematical abilities among others. Despite average or above average intellectual ability, there is a stark discrepancy in achievement. SLD’s can also be coupled with behavioral concerns due to frustration etc.

A detailed evaluation is required to assess and evaluate whether your child has a Learning Difficulty and various standarized tests are used in tandem to determine the same.

Small Steps provides detailed IQ and LD assessments according to your child’s age, and presenting issues, while also having specialized professionals to provide remedial therapy sessions if required.