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Why Choose Us

Small Steps Morris Autism and Child Development Centre provides multi-disciplinary diagnostics and therapies, under one roof for various developmental issues in children.

The centre specialises in the following:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Diagnosis and Individualised Action Plans
  • Diagnosis and Intervention of Various Developmental Disorders like ADHD etc.
  • Prematurity After Care
  • Early Intervention Programmes
  • Psychological Assessments for IQ, DQ, LD etc.
  • Behaviour Therapies
  • Play Therapies
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapies
  • Speech Therapy
  • Parental Counselling and Workshops
  • 9 to 19 Clinic for Adolescents

Smallstep Team

Dr. Suneel Godbole
M.D. (Paediatrics)
Developmental Paediatrician, HOD
Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni
DNB (Paediatrics), IAP Fellow (Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics)
Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician
Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh
DNB (Paediatrics)
Child and Adolescent Physician
Dr. Niveda Ranade
M.D. (A.M.)
Assistant Physician and Research Coordinator
Mrs. Milan Patwardhan
M.A. (Clinical Psychology), M.S.W.
Clinical Psychologist
Mrs. Ashwini Gijare
M.A. (Clinical Psychology), PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Mrs. Viprada Gadre
M.A. (Clinical Psychology), P.G. Dip.
Clinical Psychologist
Ms. Shivani Gokhale
M.A. (Clinical Pysychology)
Clinical Psychologist
Mrs. Rasika Phatak
B.Ed, M.Sc (Env. Sci.)
Special Educator
Mrs. Pallavi Sane
M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
Special Educator
Mrs. Sneha Sardesai
Speech Language Pathologist
Mrs. Tanvi Gupte
Speech Language Pathologist
Dr. Madhura Sovani
B.Ph.T, C/NDT, S.I. Certified (Module 1 and Module 4)
Dr. Madhavi Kelapure
Dr. Samina Jamadar
Occupational Therapist
Dr. Prajakta Inglikar
Dr. Sharmila Patil
M.B.B.S., Dip (Child Psych.)
Fellowship (Development and Behavioural Paediatrics)