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Obesity Surgery

Who can undergo surgery ?
Surgery is indicated if
Age above 18 years. 
BMI more than 37.5 or 32.5 with associated co morbid conditions 
Not an alcoholic, drug addict or with a psychotic illness. 
Commitment for life long follow up.
Have tried atleast twice other measures for weight loss.

Weight loss options by Surgery
Restrictive procedure
Laproscopy adjustable gastric band (LAGB)

Param It is a purely restrictive procedure in which a Band is placed around uppermost part of stomach. This band divides stomach in two parts upper small Pouch[15 to 30 ml] and lower large pouch. Because Food is regulated patient feels full early and hence Less intake. Food digestion occurs through normal Digestive tract, so no malabsoption.

Advantages of LAGB :
It is done laproscopically It is safe.
It is reversible when necessary.
Long term weight loss with improvement in co morbid conditions

Complications :
Slipage of the band.
Band erosion.
Stretched gas stomach pouch.
Hardware problems

Sleeve gastrectomy

Mal-Absorption Procedures
Duo-denal switch procedure

Combination of above
Gastric Bypass procedures