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Canteen Facilities

The Hospital has a well-equipped Catering Facility for Patients, their Relatives, Doctors & Staff and even for any walk in person. The primary aspect of canteen is to provide quality and hygienically safe food to all who come in.

The Main Kitchen for all the outlets is in the "B" wing of Basement. Kitchen is well equipped with many automatic and latest types of equipments. Steam heating is used for cooking, so that the nutrients in the food could be maintained.

An automatic dishwasher is also installed in every canteen to keep hygienic conditions at the top level.

There are three food outlets in the premises -

  • 24 hours Coffee Shop in SS (New) Building on the Ground Floor.
  • Canteen in GS (Old) Building in the Basement.
  • 3rd outlet is in the form of a take away counter which is located on 2nd Floor of SS Building.

In all outlets you get a variety of food items such as Maharshtrian Snacks, South Indian snacks, Sandwiches and Burgers and many interesting beverages like Variety of Teas, Juices and Sarbats. Most importantly, it is open throughout the day and night to serve anyone at any odd hours. Menu at the night is limited though.

Maharshatrian Meal or "Thali" is available only in the GS Basement Canteen while Punjabi Thali or Special Thali is available in both the canteens, in GS and SS.

The ordering system in both the canteens is simple. One has to place an order with the cashier and pay for the same. You will be given a table number along with your bill. Just place the table number on the number-stand placed on your table. The waiter will serve the order to you, on your table.

The Admitted Hospital Patients have a choice of taking daily meal requirements from Hospital’s Catering Services through Dietetics and Nutrition Dept. If a patient wishes to opt for the Hospital diet, they can inform either on the Nursing counter of the same floor OR can call dieticians directly. The dietician takes the round and suggests a suitable type of diet depending upon the type of illness and the calorific and nutritive requirements of the patient. This information is then passed on to the Food Service Department and a complete day’s diet is provided to the patient in the room itself, from the next immediate service to the patients.

There are in all 13 types of diets that are prepared depending on the day’s requirement, like Full Diet, Salt Restricted Diet, Diabetic Diet, Renal Diet, Soft Diet, Semi Solid Diet, Bland Diet, Liquid Diet, Chemo Diet, High Fibre Diet, Fat Free Diet, High Protein Diet, Ryle’s Tube Feeding Diet.

Patients are served:

Early Morning Tea – from 7.00 to 7.30am

Breakfast with Milk – from 8.30 to 9.30pm

Lunch – from 11.30 to 1.30pm

Afternoon Tea with Biscuits – from 3.30 to 4.00pm

Dinner – from 6.30 to 8.30pm

in this daily meal package.

Patient’s relatives can also opt for a daily meal package in the room at an extra charge, which is added to the patients bill itself. Food served to patients is tasted by dietician and upon her approval is served to the patients. Patient’s meals are strictly served under the supervision of dieticians. The food to the patients is supplied in an imported food grade closed trays or plates. These plates are arranged in a specially designed insulated closed trolley which keeps food warm. This trolley is then transported to rooms and the meal is served to the patients.

On some floors and near the Reception Counter of GS building there is a facility of Tea-Coffee Vending Machines that dispenses hot and fresh tea and coffee on the insertion of a coin. These coins are available at the main reception of GS, SS and Annex building. They are also available at the reception of SS Operation Theatre and in SS ICU reception.