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Department of Homoeopathy

About Department: Dept. is functional for more than 10yrs. Department is run by 6 homoeopathic consultants of good clinical and educational background. We practice Standardized classical homoeopathy. Homoeopathic treatment is based on selection of the remedy on the basis of Individualization , hence detail case taking is required to understand the individual nature of every patients, mind and body, it is very useful in reliving various ailments acute and chronic.

About Treatment

We have been treated successfully various clinical conditions like-

  1. Allergic disorders - Respiratory, Skin
  2. Paediatric complaints of recurrent infections.
  3. Chronic disorders
  4. Respiratory disorders
  5. Digestive disorders
  6. Kidney disorders
  7. Female disorders
  8. Psychological disorders
  9. Diabetes
  10. Hair fall treatment
  11. Counseling
  12. Treatment for post chemo/ radiation symptoms.


Dept is conducting various pilot research projects in collaboration with consultants from modern medicines, under the guidance of Research dept.

Current pilot research project: “ Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines on Hypothyroidism as an adjuvant therapy” : In project we are providing Free Lab tests and Free Consultation of Dr. Shirish Phansalkar (Homoeopathy), and Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh (endocrinologist) with Free Homoeopathy and Allopathic medicines. Duration of project is till December 2022.

IPD management : Patients gets benefits of both systems of therapy under consultants of Homoeopathy and modern medicines.

Forthcoming Project Details:

Research project, Efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines on post chemo patients with complaints of Alopecia and Body pains.

Research project, Efficacy of homoeopathic medicines as an adjuvant therapy in insulin depend Diabetes Mellitus.


Dept has been running yearly conferences for physicians, students and teachers of Homoeopathy with the help of Dr. M.L.Dhawale trust for last 10 years.

Past Project Details:

We worked with COVID patients admitted in hospital. We provided COVID patients adjuvant therapy during Pandemic.

We have done comparative study of allopathic and adjuvant therapy in COVID patients, where we studied 100 patients, to understand effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicines. Results confirms efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines in COVID patients.

Study published: Journal of Integrated Standardized Homoeopathy • Volume 4 • Issue 2 • April-June 2021.

About 500 patients were helped during COVID pandemic with homoeopathic treatment.

Educational Content:

Dr. Shirish Phansalkar, HOD (opd day Friday) and Dr. Pravin Bhalgat ( opd day Saturday)attached with Institute of Clinical research, Dr. M.L.Dhawale, where we conduct post graduation educational program.



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